Frequently Asked Questions

What are 15 minute ‘drop in’ zones?

15 minute ‘drop in’ zones provide easy and safe parking for quick trips and drop offs and pick ups. Motorists can park close to shops and businesses in spaces where there are “P15 Minute" signs, a meter ticket is not required.

Why is this being introduced?

In April 2018 we consulted widely with the community on the benefits, implications and costs of six changes to parking. The community feedback revealed that approximately 62% of the community support the introduction of 15 minute ‘drop in’ zones. We are now consulting with the community on the proposed locations for the 25 spaces.

How were the locations selected?

The proposed locations for 25 15 minute ‘drop in’ zones in Bondi Junction, Charing Cross and Bondi Beach have been selected based on their proximity to local businesses where transactions are likely to be less than 15 minutes. These 25 locations have been approved by the Waverley Traffic Committee.

What about 15 minute free parking in all metered spaces?

Free 15 minute parking in metered zones typically involves the motorist displaying a free meter ticket and leaving after 15 minutes. Council will not be making this change due to a lack of strong support from the community in our consultation in April 2018. The 15 minute ‘drop in’ zones are an alternative and are easier to enforce, ensuring vehicle turnover and the availability of parking spaces.

What are the benefits?

· Residents have free drop in spaces for quick errands.

· Can be used for loading and unloading from vehicles.

· Improves access to businesses that require quick customer turnover.

· Provides a safe area suitable for pick up and drop off.

· Designated spaces can be patrolled to ensure turnover of vehicles.

When is this being introduced?

Following a 28 day Public Exhibition period of the proposed locations for the 15 minute ‘drop in’ zones a report will be submitted to Council which includes the community feedback. If there are no strong objections to the locations then the 15 minute ‘drop in’ zones will be available once signage has been replaced and line marking completed.

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Consultation has concluded

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