What is ASP3?

    ASP3 stands for Accredited Service Provider Level 3. 

    Council has hired landscape architects GHD for the Charing Cross Streetscape Upgrade. GHD will undertake a Level 3 Accredited Service Provider (ASP3) design for Ausgrid which includes undergrounding of existing overhead services and the design of new power connections to existing properties.

    The ASP 3 process will be as follows: 

    • Review existing Ausgrid drawings and services information;
    • GHD to undertake an initial site investigation to assess the existing overhead power connections to each of the properties, as well as the internal electrical distribution boards of some of the properties;
    • The properties identified with non-compliant electrical distribution boards will require upgrades to allow for the proposed new power connections – Council will be informed of these properties;
    • GHD will then Identify the constraints of the proposed new underground power connections to each property based on Ausgrid requirements and specifications;
    • GHD to develop three typical connection details based on the different types of property connections required throughout the site;
    • GHD to consult with Councils electrical engineers and heritage consultants to determine a preferred connection type for each property;
    • GHD and Council to consult with the property owners to get approval for each of the proposed connection types;
    • Once approval has been received from the property owners, GHD will develop the draft ASP3 design and submit to Ausgrid for review;
    • Ausgrid will then review the proposed design and provide GHD with Comments;
    • These comments will then be addressed and a final Ausgrid design and application will be submitted;
    • Once approved and the design progress is completed, an Ausgrid approved contractor will undertake the construction works as per the final design documents.

    If you live within the Village Centre or own a building please let us know so we can contact you for a house please fill in the Form - Charing Cross Streetscape Upgrade