Consultation summary and outcomes

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the proposed Arden St safety upgrade project.

What you told us

Council received overwhelming support for all aspects of the proposal. The help Council decide on which components to implement first, we asked the community to rank them in order of importance. The results were as follows:

  1. Improve visibility of the traffic lights by building out the kerb, relocating the lantern posts and improving the bus zone
  2. Upgrade Chesterfield parade pedestrian crossing to wombat crossing
  3. Widen path outside school on Arden Street
  4. Shared path on east side Arden Street between Macpherson Street and Chesterfield Parade – as route to and from school
  5. Upgrade crash barriers
  6. Shared path on west-side of Arden Street – as route to and from school
  7. Widen footpath between Chesterfield Parade and Baglin Street
  8. Continuous footpath at Baglin Street intersection

What Council decided to do

The results of the consultation were reviewed and reported to the Waverley Traffic Committee Meeting on 25 July 2019 which recommended that the concept designs be approved with the following amendments:

  • Addition of kerb blisters in Macpherson Street at the intersection of Arden Street, to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians,
  • To investigate the relocation of the STA bus stop to the south side of the pedestrian crossing to improve visibility of the traffic signals,
  • Not to include the shared path on the eastern side of Arden Street (school side) between Macpherson Street and Chesterfield Parade,
  • That detailed design for the various components of the concept design be submitted to the Traffic Committee for further approval.
  • The Traffic Committee recommendation was reported to the Waverley Council Meeting on 20 August, where it was approved with a requirement to include additional planting and beautification as components of the concept design are further developed.

The Agendas, Reports and Minutes of all Council Meetings and Traffic Committee Meetings can be viewed from

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