Why a cycleway?

    Building the Bondi Junction cycleway achieves State and Local Government plans for the future of transport.

    The cycleway is the missing link between the eastern suburbs and Sydney’s CBD and is a major priority in Transport for NSW’s Sydney’s Cycling Future plan.

    Council was told in consultation for the Waverley Community Strategic Plan to provide integrated transport, reduce congestion by encouraging fewer cars and to develop a network of safe continuous walking and bike trails to inspire active transport. 

    What else is happening?

    All the pathways and streets along the cycleway route will be upgraded with new trees, street furniture and garden beds. The roads will operate as they are now but with a separated cycleway.

    The upgraded streetscape will greatly improve safety, accessibility and the general aesthetic around Bondi Junction. The new look streets are likely to encourage recreational and opportunist walking, potentially increasing foot traffic around local businesses. 

    Why this route, why Spring St?

    The route through Oxford Street, Denison Street, Spring Street and Bronte Road was identified from seven different routes as the safest option for a two-way separated cycleway.

    It also allows Council to implement its Complete Streets program by making Spring St more attractive and liveable. The improvements will support a broad range of community activity for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

    But why not Oxford St?

    Pedestrian traffic in Oxford Street Mall is too high during business hours for a safe cycleway. 

    When will construction happen?

    Service investigations started June 2019. 

    Construction began on 26 August 2019 on the cycleway and streetscape upgrade on Spring St between Newland St and Denison St.

    The stages and their expected construction times are:

    Stage 1: service investigations - in progress, expected completion: mid-August 2019

    Stage 2: August 2019 – January 2020 (Spring St between Newland St and Denison St and Denison St, between Spring St and Oxford St)

    Stage 3: January 2020 – July 2020 (Spring St Between Newland St and Bronte Rd)

    Stage 4: July 2020 – January 2021 (Bronte Rd Between Ebley St and Oxford St)

    Stage 5: January 2021 – August 2021 (Oxford St East between Grosvenor St and Bondi Rd)

    Stage 6: August 2021 – January 2022 (Oxford St between Denison St and St James Rd)

    Stage 7: January 2022 – May 2022 (Oxford St west of St James Rd). 

    What times will they be working?

    Generally, construction will be Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturdays 8 am to 3 pm. Construction will usually not take place on Sundays, unless absolutely necessary. No works will be scheduled on public holidays or Saturdays and Sundays that form part of public holiday weekends.

    Night works will be required on occasion to minimise day-time impacts. Night works will be restricted based on permit applications made to Council by the contractor. For more construction information please call the Community Liaison Officer at Ford Civil Contracting on 02 9597 4122.

    Which streets will be closed when?

    When each Stage is under construction there will be partial or whole road closures. Residents, businesses and community transport will be permitted access. If you would like to join a mailing list to find out more about when road closures will be happening around you, please email bondijunction@waverley.nsw.gov.au

    What will happen to bus stops?

    All bus services will continue throughout construction, however there may be minor amendments to routes and stops. Check the signs at each stop for more information.

    How is the streetscape and cycleway beneficial to businesses and residents?

    The project will improve the look and feel of the streets, with more trees, new paving and is expected to improve locality values. It will promote an increase in foot traffic and social interactions and the eastern section of Spring Street will become a ‘place’ rather than a thoroughfare.

    Won’t this make traffic worse?

    With upgraded roads and footpaths there will be improved accessibility and convenience. It will improve public transport and ride sharing and reduce the need to own and travel by private vehicle, thereby easing congestion.

    Council is committed to building and maintaining safe streets and footpaths for everybody.

    The community doesn’t want a cycleway. Can’t Council just stop building it?

    In short, no. The cycleway will go ahead. Across a number of years of consultation, Council received positive feedback from the general public for this project.

    Council acknowledges there will be inconvenience during construction of the cycleway. However, the many benefits outweigh any negatives. There is no viable option for Council to ‘do nothing’.

    If we did nothing we would be acting in direct conflict with:

    ·  multiple State and Council plans and policies

    ·  general community support for the cycleway link, as expressed in the CSP

    ·  health, safety and traffic benefits associated with increasing walking and cycling mode-share

    ·  benefits for businesses and residents associated with investment in streetscape amenity and cycleway infrastructure.