What is this concept design?

This concept design is our proposal for the restoration of Bondi Pavilion. Preparedby the architect Tonkin Zulaikha Greer (TZG), from an endorsed architect’s brief developed with the Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee.

The concept design retains the Pavilion as a community and cultural centre, respecting its heritage and ensuring it is fit for the future needs of the community.

This concept does not see major changes to the configuration of the Bondi Pavilion, but rather is a restoration and conservation of an already functional and beautiful building.

The restoration is vital under the requirements of the NSW Heritage Office endorsed Bondi Pavilion Conservation Management Plan (CMP). Council requires the approval of the NSW Heritage Office to undertake restoration.

What’s changing?

Key features of this concept include: 
 ·  Restoring and conserving the iconic beach front facade as well as the internal facades of the central block and the gatehouse facing Campbell Parade 
 ·  Removing intrusive heritage elements , including the amphitheatre and the ‘glass bubble’ ·  Improved amenities including showers, toilets and change facilities as well as adding a new amenities block on the northern wall accessible from both the internal courtyard and from the promenade 
 ·  Upgrading all internal rooms, and in some cases combined and reconfigured ·  Restoring historic elements, such as the internal stair case 
 ·  Upgrading the theatre with new seating, control room, lighting and stage 
 ·  Refurbishing the music studios and high tide room 
 ·  Retaining, refurbishing and upgrading all other community and commercial spaces 
 ·  The addition of a tourism centre on the beach frontage will add to the pulse of activity in and around the Pavilion. 
· Reinstating the original Spanish roof tiles as installed on the Pavilion when it was first constructed. 

The Bondi Pavilion has always had a thriving cafe frontage and this will continue with the refurbishment of all commercial tenancies.

Why is the ‘glass bubble’ being removed in this concept?

The ‘glass bubble’ is not part of the heritage facade. The removal of the 'glass bubble' in this concept was based on the Bondi Pavilion Conservation Management Plan (CMP). Also, advice from the NSW Heritage Office suggested including the bubble in the design would not be supported when submitting our Development Application (DA).

Why is the amphitheatre being removed in this concept?

Similarly to the 'glass bubble, the amphitheatre is a modern addition to the building and is not supported in the CMP.

We propose to restore the original facade and enable the space currently occupied by the amphitheatre to be better used for community festivals and other community purposes.

What improvements will be made to amenities?

The concept design incorporates positioning of public amenities in various parts of the building. On the ground floor a new amenities section will be built on the northern wall. This will be accessible directly from the beach and concourse and will be the largest of four separate amenities facilities in the restored Pavilion. Another amenities facility will be located off the central foyer. A third facility will be located adjacent to the High Tide Room. While the first floor will be serviced by amenities adjacent to the lift. 

Overall the new design proposes nine extra female toilets, two extra urinals and a family change room.

How did we get here?

At the June 2018 Council meeting, Council voted to approve the revised architect’s brief which informed this concept design. These concept designs have been developed following a thorough consultation process with the community, most specifically from the hard work of the members of the Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee. It has been guided by the Bondi Pavilion Conservation Management Plan (CMP), which was approved by the NSW Heritage Office in August 2018, and a number of other strategies, including the Bondi Beach, Park and Pavilion 10-year Plan of Management. The CMP highlights two key elements of the Pavilion’s heritage: the colonnade facade and the role of the Pavilion in Australian beach and surf culture. These two elements are centrepiece in the Pavilion Restoration and Conservation Project.

What is the purpose of this consultation period?

This consultation period is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to view, understand and comment on the concepts. 

As outlined above, this is the result of many hours of consultation with the community to this point. As such, this isn’t a ‘blank slate’ consultation, but we want the community to carefully consider the plans and make sure there’s nothing major missing and no major issues.

Any feedback received will be considered against the architect’s brief and the Conservation Management Plan.

All feedback will be summarised in a Council report for consideration against the Bondi Pavilion Conservation Management Plan 2018.

What happens next?

A report will be prepared for Council summarising the consultation process, key feedback and recommending revisions to the concept design, as necessary. 

Once a concept design is endorsed, we will commence preparation of the Development Application (DA) documentation, and then lodge the DA. As part of the DA assessment and approval period, there will be an additional 28 days consultation. 
If further revisions are required, Council will inform the community of those changes ahead of the DA being submitted.

What is the Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee?

In November 2017 the Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee (BPSC) was formed to recommend and prioritise the desired uses of the Bondi Pavilion. After meeting weekly, the Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee provided detailed feedback, which was reported to Council and helped inform the consultant brief for this concept design.  The Committee’s terms of reference, Minutes of Committee meetings, and the Committee’s reports to Council can be found at waverley.nsw.gov.au/bondipavilionproject. For further information call 9083 8000 or email pavilionconsultation@waverley.nsw.gov.au