Why are the changes being proposed?

    The car park has not been operating efficiently for some time and there is a need for significant upgrades to the access equipment and other infrastructure. It has become more expensive to run the car park in its current state, requiring Council to redirect resources from other areas to the Bronte Cutting car park. The proposed changes would provide a more easily accessible, faster and efficient parking service for Bronte.

    What do the proposed improvements involve?

    • Consulting residents and business owners /operators on their preferences for:
      1. timed or untimed parking restrictions
      2. payment options
      3. access/entry and exit options
    • Installing new access and payment equipment in the car park and remove the existing manned booth
    • Making parking restrictions the same in both the lower and upper sections of the car park
    • Introducing a 10km/h shared for pedestrians and vehicles.

    I have a beach parking permit. How would the changes affect me?

    You would still be able to use your permit to park free of charge in the Bronte Cutting car park. All  options except for Option A(2) would mean no time restrictions would apply to beach permit holders. Introducing time restrictions would benefit everyone by creating a higher turnover of spaces, providing more opportunities to find a parking space, especially at peak times.

    Your vehicle would not be infringed as long as your permit was displayed clearly on your vehicle (as per the existing conditions of beach parking permits) and you were adhering to the time restrictions (if introduced).

    I don't have a beach parking permit. What would it cost me to visit the beach and park in the car park?

    All options would involve a fee per hour for parking. This rate has not been determined as yet, but would be cheaper than on-street metered parking on Bronte Road.

    Would I still be able to use my Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit to park anywhere in the car park?

    Yes. In accordance with the guidelines of the Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS), parking restrictions in excess of one hour allow MPS permit holders all day parking with no charge. We would also retain existing mobility parking spaces near the entry to the car park, plus the mobility parking space at the top of the car park near the coastal walk. There are also five other mobility parking spaces next to the bus terminal for easy access to the beach and the park.

    Where would I get my permit once the changes were introduced?

    Permits can be purchased at the Customer Service Centre, 55 Spring Street, Bondi Junction. Online permits will be available shortly.

    Would the proposed changes reduce available parking for patrons of local businesses?

    No. The options are intended to attract longer-stay visitors (beachgoers) into the car park areas and free up the one hour (1P) metered spaces on Bronte Road for visitors who wish to access the cafes and commercial businesses. The changes would also make it easier for Bronte Road café and restaurant patrons who wish to stay longer than one hour.

    When do you plan to introduce these changes?

    Council will review all feedback from the consultation before proceeding with the most favoured option. Local residents and business owners/ operators will be updated on the progress of the proposed changes and advised before changes are implemented. It is expected that the proposed changes would be introduced in winter 2013.

    How can I have my say about these changes?

    You can have your say by completing the attached survey and returning it to Council, emailing yourtrafficsurvey@waverley.nsw.gov.au or filling it in online here.

    Submissions close Friday 12 April 2013.