Stage 4 - Project update, August 2019

The local Vaucluse community raised concerns and suggestions for improvements to Council regarding safety in Clarke Reserve in 2017. In particular, it was reported that dogs were running off-leash through the playground on route to and from the adjoining off-leash Christison Park in Woollahra. In consultation with the community, plans were developed to improve the park to address this issue.

Following consultation and the development of concept plans grant funding to the value of $100,000 was received in February 2019 from the State Government. Council resolved to consult the community on how this additional funding should be spent. Consultation was subsequently undertaken in April and May 2019 to further improve Clarke Reserve.

During the April and May 2019 consultation, Council heard contrary views on how the funding should be allocated. Refer to Consultation Summary Report in the Document Library to the right for a full summary of feedback received during this time. As there was no clear community preference, Council Officers requested Council support in making a determination to finalise the plans. A Council motion was passed in July 2019 (CM/7.20/19.07) endorsing the following improvements:

Improvements endorsed by Council include:

  • Plant a total of 6 new shade trees around the playground. Two existing Banksia trees will be removed.
  • Expand on the play experience of the playground by including equipment in addition to the already procured multi-play piece to cater to a wider range of ages to include either one larger or two pieces of equipment which have low visual impact to the reserve.
  • Repair the rubber soft fall edging and areas which have slumped to ensure the surface achieves Australian Standards for safety, noting that the central rubber soft fall will not be replaced.
  • Install a drinking fountain with dog drinking bowl, alongside of the path at the entrance of the reserve.
  • Install permanent signage that identifies Clarke Reserve as 24/7 dog on-leash area, and that dogs are prohibited from being within 10m of any play equipment.
  • Install an overlapping garden barrier at the entrance to the playground to further deter dogs from entering the play space.
  • Provide the community with a management plan illustrating how Council will assess the effectiveness of the garden barrier fence over the next 12 months.
  • Re-locate 80m of garden bed adjacent the coastal fence, on the western side and replace with turf.

You can view the final concept plans illustrating the improvement works to your right.

Park sign installation - complete

Park signs with regulatory information have been installed.

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Consultation has concluded

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