Why is Council proposing a fee increase?

    A service review and analysis of Council’s approved budget for early education centres has shown that fees have not sufficiently kept up with industry changes and recent cost increases which are mostly related to labour costs (75% of our budgets). Council’s early education services operate on a cost recovery model and are anticipated to be posting a significant loss for 2019/20. 

    Council is proposing to increase the daily fee charged at the four Early Education Centres and to align future fee increases with the calendar year January to December (as opposed to the financial year July-June).

    When will the fees go up?

    If endorsed after public exhibition, the fee increase is expected to start in March 2020. 

    What else is Council doing?

    In response to Council’s November survey - the Waverley Council Childcare Survey - some of our strategies will contribute to innovation and change so that our services operate efficiently while meeting quality standards and family expectations and needs. This may include reviewing opening hours, improving staffing and rosters, reducing the use of agency cover, re-introducing traineeships, changing numbers and/or age groups, replenishing our casual pool of workers and promoting centres with relevant colleges to attract graduates.

    Will this affect Family Day Care fees?

    No, Family Day Care fees are not part of this proposal.