Background and initial proposal


Council is seeking to improve safety for pedestrians and bike riders and clarify the use of the bike lanes on Henrietta Street. Large groups of school students often walk along the narrow footpaths. Their safety is compromised when vehicles park in driveways or on the footpath. Bike riders have two-way access along Henrietta Street. Bike riders use the contra-flow bike lane when travelling in the opposite direction to vehicles and use the travel lane when travelling in the same direction.

Some motorists and bike riders misunderstand the purpose and use of the contra-flow bike lane, which leads to vehicles driving in the bike lane, which is illegal and unsafe.

The proposal

The proposal is for a minimum nine month trial using a cheap separation device. These lane dividers will be spaced 3 metres apart and exclude road intersections, driveways and alongside car parking spaces. The trial will periodically monitor the behaviour of road and path users and the condition of the lane dividers. At the end of the trial there will be an evaluation and a recommendation made as to whether to extend the trial or undertake further action to address the needs for clarity and safety.

Prior to the installation of the lane separators, it is proposed Henrietta Street will be re-sheeted and the road pavement markings and paint will be refreshed on the new bitumen.

Community consultation
Council sought feedback on the proposed trial over February and March 2019. Thank you to everyone who took the time to have a say. The next round of community consultation will be undertaken after the trial period.
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Consultation has concluded

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