Notts Avenue - Proposed safety and streetscape upgrade solution

Council's proposed concept design incorporates previous community and stakeholder feedback. You can see the full (old) landscape concept plan here.

10km/h shared zone proposed for Notts Ave, including the removal of all existing kerb, gutter, footpaths and install of paving throughout this space.

Paving the area demonstrates this street is a shared zone and not a normal roadway, giving priority to pedestrians in this space. Shared zones by law have to be 10km/h. Removal of kerb, gutter and footpath allows pedestrians to move freely throughout Notts Ave, with enough space for prams and wheelchairs.

Council Officers are currently working with RMS on extending the 40km/h area on Campbell Parade to Francis Street.

This will allow the 10km/h Shared Zone to extend all the way along Notts Avenue to the Campbell Parade intersection in accordance with RMS specifications. Cars will approach and turn into Notts Ave at a slower pace, making this a safer intersection.

No right-hand turns in and out of Notts Avenue

Cars often queue across Campbell Parade when existing Notts Avenue. This creates safety concerns for pedestrians and drivers. Removing right hand turns will remove this issue and reduce traffic volumes in Notts Ave.

Slight reduction in parking spaces to allow for garden beds and small trees to soften the space.

The community feedback showed a lot of feedback asking for more greenery in this space. As a result, Council is proposing to reduce the number of car spaces from 28 to 20 to allow for an increase in soft landscaping in this space.

Existing balustrade to be upgraded.

The existing balustrades have been identified as non-compliant as they can be climbed on. Upgrading these balustrades will increase the safety of all users in this space, particularly children.

Two custom shade structures and two cantilevered decks proposed for designated lookout points

Consultation/community feedback we received asked for more shaded space and an area to safely look out across Bondi. Street furniture will be strategically located for pedestrian safety and at view vantage spots.

New, low-profile 5m high light poles – maximum spacing of 14m (subject to detail design)

Lighting will be upgraded to the latest technology, generally resulting in less spill lighting on building facades. Improved lighting also increases safety and visibility for road users and pedestrians. 5m high poles have been specifically chosen so as to not influence views from existing buildings.

‘No through road’ sign at the top of Notts Ave and Campbell Parade

Cars often drive down Notts Ave either looking for parking or because they think it might be a thoroughfare to Tamarama, a ‘No Through Road’ sign should assist in alleviating this issue and reduce total vehicle volumes in this space.

To provide feedback on the above changes visit our feedback form.

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