What is the Open Space and Recreation Strategy (OSRS)?

    Council is responsible for a large number of sport, recreation and open spaces across Waverley. These spaces have a range of facilities and equipment for the community to use.

    The OSRS will guide Council in providing and maintaining the sport, recreation and open space facilities that meet the needs of the community now and into the future.

    What will the Strategy include?

    The Strategy will include the 79 Parks and Reserves in Waverley Local Government Area as well as all their associated facilities such as playing fields and courts, changing and toilet facilities, community halls, playgrounds, barbeques, picnic facilities and walking tracks etc. In addition to the provision and demand for these facilities the strategy will also look at how we best manage these important assets.

    What is open space?

    Land that is reserved for the purpose of recreation, sport and preservation of the natural environment such as our beaches, cliffs and bushland. In Waverley open spaces typically includes our parks and reserves and beaches.

    Why do we need a strategy?

    Open space provides many benefits to the community benefits associated with social, health, environmental and even economic benefits. As such the Strategy will help us contribute to improved health and wellbeing, social inclusion and environmental sustainability in Waverley.

    The strategy will help by providing spaces and facilities that enable and promote sport and recreation provide opportunity for our community to lead healthy and active lifestyles as well as providing space to preserve the natural environment.

    What do we want to know?

    We want to know who uses these spaces and how they are being used. We also need to measure the level of satisfaction with existing open spaces and facilities, identify gaps in provision and understand the future needs of the community so we are better able to plan and manage open space.

    What will Council do with your ideas and feedback?

    We will consider what you tell us when developing the vision, strategic direction and key actions of the plan. Once a draft OSRS has been developed, we will place it on public exhibition for you to let us know if the Strategy reflects what you told us. After the Public Exhibition period, Council will make any amendments to the document that may be required as a result of the second round of community feedback before putting the final Strategy to Council for adoption. 

    How can I get involved?

    Council will provide a number of opportunities to have your say, both online and to speak directly with council staff. Complete a survey, or attend one of our Have a Say days. For project updates and notifications of when you can get involved, register your interest using the 'Stay Informed' tab on the project page.