Why is RPS being considered in this area?

    Residents have contacted Council with concerns about the lack of available parking for residents within the survey area (see map to your left). In response, Council is considering the installation of time limited parking restrictions – with an exemption for permit holders.

    What are the benefits of RPS?

    The scheme gives preference to residents who live in an RPS area, where there is often competition for parking spaces with commuters or visitors to the area.

    A two hour time limit will apply to vehicles without a permit, from 8am - 10pm, encouraging the regular turnover of spaces and discouraging long term parking.

    Resident parking permits do not guarantee parking availability, but do provide a comparative advantage for residents.

    Am I eligible for a permit?

    If you are a Waverley resident living in a RPS area, you may be eligible to apply for a Residential Parking Permit for up to three vehicles.The number of permits you may be entitled to depends on whether you have any off-street parking spaces on your property.

    What are the permit fees?

    The fee structure is designed to encourage residents with off-street parking spaces to utilise those spaces rather than park on the street, in order to increase availability of the limited number of on-street parking spaces. The fee structure can be viewed in the document library above. 

    What happens next?

    The survey results will be reviewed by the Waverley Traffic Committee, which is made up of representatives from Council, Roads and Maritime Services and NSW Police Force. The Committee will then make a recommendation to Council as to whether the parking restrictions should be changed or not, which Council will consider (along with the survey results) before making a final decision.

    It is anticipated that a decision will be made in July 2017.