What is a Local Housing Strategy?

    The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) requires all councils to prepare a Local Housing Strategy (LHS). It presents councils 20-year vision for housing and how the housing components of the Greater Sydney Commission’s District and Regional Plans will be delivered locally.

    Council undertook extensive community consultation for the preparation of the Waverley Community Strategic Plan (CSP). Further consultation on the draft LSPS and the Local Housing DiscussionPpaper (LHDP) also uncovered important community feedback that informed the preparation of this strategy. Furthermore, Council officers relied on ABS Census data, Profile ID, DPIE projections and housing supply data and supporting academic research to establish the evidence base. 

    The draft strategy has been prepared in line with the DPIE’s Local Housing Strategy guidelines. It includes the following sections: 

    • Policy Framework – analysis of both the State and Local planning policy framework and its relevance to the future of housing in Waverley. 
    • Local Government Area snapshot – an overview of Waverley’s urban structure and role in the Eastern District. 
    • Evidence base – demographic profile, housing profile, future housing demand, future housing supply, land suitability analysis, and draft housing targets. 
    • Housing affordability – affordable housing demand and supply, resultant latent demand for affordable housing, and affordable housing target. 
    • Future housing – priorities, actions and implementation and delivery plan. 

    Why do we need to prepare a Local Housing Strategy?

    The NSW State Government requires all councils to undertake these strategies to inform the comprehensive review of the Waverley Local Environment Plan and Waverley Development Control Plan.

    How will my input be used?

    Community input would be reviewed and potentially influence changes to the Local Housing Strategy. 

    What are dwelling targets and what are they in Waverley?

    Dwelling targets are the projected level of growth expected to 2036. The NSW State Government has developed a 0-5 year housing target and requires councils to develop a 20-year housing target. Based on Council’s initial testing, a draft housing target of 3,400 dwellings to 2036 was developed. Dwelling capacity analyses of the current planning controls show that there is capacity to accommodate this dwelling target.