Fitness station

Background - Why are we suggesting an upgrade to the fitness station?

Council has received a $1.7million grant from NSW Govt’s Public Spaces Legacy Program (PSLP) to fund upgrades to the playground and fitness station in Waverley Park.

The existing fitness station is old and due to be replaced. Our goal is to make the new fitness facility accessible with a variety of equipment for everyone. The proposed upgrade will be in-line with the current Plan of Management to investigate relocating fitness equipment to shade and include equipment for all ages.

How do you make a fitness facility accessible?

We would suggest connecting the outdoor fitness facility to a footpath, having it close to public transport and near other amenities within the park. This will make it easy for everyone regardless of age or abilities to access and use the fitness station.

What kind of equipment will be installed?

Intergenerational Fitness

Intergenerational fitness equipment supports a wide range of users regardless of age and abilities. It offers different ways to exercise and play to improve mobility, balance, and dexterity. For this reason, it is well suited for seniors, young children and those working on physical rehabilitation. Some examples of intergenerational equipment include balancing beams, steps, isolated muscle training, stretching etc.

Cardio/ Calisthenics Fitness

This is the traditional type of fitness equipment offered in open spaces. It allows users to perform exercises of varying intensities in repetition to build strength, mobility, and flexibility. Some examples of cardio include bicycles and cross trainers while calisthenics include push-ups, squats, planks and jumping exercises. A new type of equipment recently available called cross training which has been very popular across the world. The equipment is similar to those in cross-fit gyms and provides resistance and weight training in addition to cardio and calisthenic exercises.

What are we suggesting?

Australia has an ageing population. Currently, the average age in Waverley is 36 years old and is predicted to rise over the next two decades. Visitation to Waverley Park will continue to increase in the future and older people, including those in nearby retirement villages, are expected to make up the largest portion.

The outdoor fitness area has reached the end of its life and needs to be upgraded to meet current outdoor fitness standards. The grant we received will facilitate this and part of our agreement was to provide intergenerational fitness to support the health and wellbeing of our senior residents.

The existing fitness station is not accessible to the path network and is exposed with no shade coverage. We are suggesting the site move to a more appropriate location in the Park.

As both intergenerational and cardio/calisthenics fitness are highly desirable within Waverley Park, Council has determined that adequate spacing cannot be provided for both types of fitness in the ideal location proposed.

We are suggesting the intergenerational fitness area be placed alongside the new play space and the cardio/calisthenics fitness be located at the north eastern corner of Waverley Park. This arrangement provides the following benefits:

  • Intergenerational fitness is more compatible with play areas as it allows family units to access play and fitness in one consolidated area
  • Intergenerational fitness located centrally within the park and close to facilities at the Margret Whitlam Centre is in the best accessible position for older users
  • The northeastern corner of Waverley Park is accessible as it is near the bus stop on Bondi Road and is well connected to the existing path network
  • The northeastern corner has mature trees that will provide shade over the fitness station

Let us know your feedback. Fill in a survey online

Attend an online event to provide more feedback and speak directly with the project team.

There are two community information sessions. Registration is essential.

Wednesday 3 November, 7pm-8pm - Waverley Park Plan of Management: This is for the project team to understand how the space is used, who is using it, how they get there and where it could improve. There will be a focus on the POM in general and the playspace and fitness station.

Thursday 4 November, 7pm-8pm - Waverley Park POM and Indoor cricket net training facility: The project team will give a short overview of the Plan of Management and the cricket nets, then it will be your turn to ask questions and provide feedback.

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