What is a Plan of Management?

    To ensure future generations can enjoy Waverley’s open spaces, we need to have a sustainable approach to the management of our Parks. Plans of Management guide how community land is used, managed and improved.

    What is the Indoor cricket training facility?

    Council, in partnership with Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club (ESCC), is investigating constructing an indoor cricket training facility next to the Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre. 

    What will it be used for?

    The proposed facility will be used to practice batting and bowling for use by community cricket clubs, schools, and coaches. The cricket nets are retractable to enable other uses to hire the facility if desired for fitness type activities.  

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    A concept design has been drafted as a guide for community consultation. Council has not resolved to build the facility. We would like to know whether you support us exploring this idea further, and what issues and opportunities we should consider. 

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    A quick overview of Waverley Park's history

    Waverley Park is found on Biddigal and Gadigal land of the Eora Nation.

    Waverley Park is the Waverley Local Government Area's first park: 

    • allocated in 1880 for public recreation. 
    • 1890 cricket oval established, first Pavilion built. 
    • 1913 Council Chambers built. 
    • 1917 elevated and covered reservoir built. 
    • 1918 Memorial to commemorate WW1 soldiers
    • 1952 Rose Garden for WW2 soldiers
    • 2011 Pavilion grandstand demolished
    • 2012 Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre. 
    • Current ongoing use of Waverley Park.   

    What is in the park now?

    The Park consists of several facilities including; Waverley Oval with turf cricket pitch and grandstand, a synthetic field, training field, netball courts, multi-purpose courts, bocce court, synthetic cricket nets, fitness station and the Memorial Gardens and the Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre.

    What projects are suggested in the Plan of Management?

    Based on a good understand of the park today and past feedback, we have developed some key ideas. They were chosen to support a range of activities such as walking, exercising, relaxing, playing sport or just enjoying the outdoors in a beautiful green space. 

    • A larger play space and refurbished rocket
    • New fitness equipment either in one dedicated area or smaller pods alongside pathways to create a fitness trail.
    • New fitness equipment that will cater to all age groups.
    • New indoor cricket training facility building on top of the Margaret Whitlam Centre's green roof
    • New half-court basketball and hit-up-wall at the back of the multipurpose courts
    • Improve path network
    • Improve entry design including signage
    • Improve nature trails through trees around the reservoir
    • Improve drainage and levels of bocce court
    • Review street parking to create drop-off and pick-up areas on Birrell Street for Saturday sport
    • Reduce asphalt footpath and provide planting buffer between Bondi Road and the park
    • Provide additional storage for sporting equipment
    • New turf cricket practice wickets in the location of the current fitness station
    • Resurface the training field with the synthetic surface to ensure it's more hard-wearing.
    • Improve the quality of the training field (field 3) to accommodate longer hours of play.

    What is suggested for the playground?

    We received $1.7 million from NSW Govt’s Public Spaces Legacy Program (PSLP) to fund upgrades to the park, playground and fitness station in Waverley Park. These works need to be complete by December 2022. 

    The playground will be transformed from a neighbourhood to a district play space. This means the concept design will be larger and have new equipment.   

    When would all the projects be completed?

    The POM and Masterplan set out projects to be completed in the short, medium and long term.  Once we hear from the community we will make changes to the proposed ideas, submit this to Council and the State Government and then come back to confirm the final plan with the community.   

    The new play space and fitness station are set to be constructed in 2022 so will be the first projects realised