Why do we need more sports lighting?

    There is a high demand for sporting facilities in Waverley, and improved sports lighting will enable optimised and safe use of the facilities and park, especially during winter. During winter months, lighting extends evening participation in sport and recreation activities.

    Currently, there is inadequate lighting across all of the park’s sporting facilities:

    • Waverley Oval - not even coverage, sections of the field not lit to standard
    • Waverley playing fields - not an even coverage
    • existing netball courts - no lights in area, resulting in no evening training for a winter sport.

    The new courts will also require adequate sports lighting.

    What style of lighting will be used?

    An expert lighting consultant has been engaged to prepare a sports lighting plan for the new courts and existing fields at Waverley Park. The plan ensures any additional sports lighting meets sporting requirements while minimising impact on surrounding areas.
    For the multi-purpose courts, ‘shoebox’ style lighting has been proposed, with a total of eight 9m light poles. This low-impact style directs lighting to a constrained area directly beneath the lighting fixture.

    What time will the lights be turned off?

    Sports field lighting is currently permitted for training sessions until 9.30pm (with lights programmed to shut down shortly after) for weekdays. The same hours are expected for the new multi-purpose courts and any additional lighting on the existing netball courts.

    Currently no evening training occurs on the playing fields during the weekend, so the lights are proposed to run on the new sports courts until 7pm on weekends.

    Where will the additional lights be positioned at Waverley Park?

    There are currently two floodlights on Waverley Oval, and three floodlights stretched across Waverley playing fields two and three. These lights do not provide even coverage across all of the playing surfaces.
    The proposed location of additional lights are marked out on the image, and include:

    • two additional 25m light poles on Waverley Oval (bringing the total to four)
    • four additional lights across Waverley playing fields two and three (totalling six 25m poles and one  18m pole)
    • ten new 8m light poles on the existing netball courts
    • eight new 9m light poles around the new multi-purpose sports courts.

    How can I have my say on the draft lighting plan?

    You can have your say on the draft lighting plan for Waverley Park by completing the online submission form, emailing waverleyparkpom@waverley.nsw.gov.au or coming along to our information session on Thursday 19 February 2015 in the Club Room at Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre between 6 and 8pm.

    Feedback closes at 5pm on Monday 2 March 2015.