What is a Community Strategic Plan?

    The Community Strategic Plan represents the highest level of strategic planning undertaken by Council. The Waverley Community Strategic Plan identifies the main priorities and aspirations of our local community and provides clear strategies to achieve this vision.

    Why is a new Community Strategic Plan being created?

    Waverley Council’s Community Strategic Plan was adopted in 2018 and is due for review and adoption by June 2022. Instead of just revising the existing Community Strategic Plan, we are about to develop a brand-new plan to ensure it accurately reflects the priorities and aspirations of the Waverley community.

    When will I get to see the draft Community Strategic Plan?

    Following the engagement period, Waverley Council will collate all feedback received from the community and prepare an engagement outcomes report and a draft Community Strategic Plan. This plan will be placed on public exhibition in April 2022 for the community to provide further input.