When Council becomes the owner of a site, it must decide to classify the land as 'community' or 'operational' within three months of taking ownership. The intention of this exhibition was to receive feedback on Council's proposal to classify the 'land' which Council owns at 87-99 Oxford Street, Bond Junction.

Where did 'the land' come from?

This ownership of 'the land' was facilitated through a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA)*. It comprises of office suites on the first floor of the site known as Whitton Lane.

When Council comes into ownership of a parcel of land, it is required to classify the land as community or operational within three months.

What is the difference between community and operational land?

Community land is land owned by Council that is used by the general public, such as a public reserve or park. Operational land is owned by Council and is held as a temporary asset or as an investment. It is land that facilitates the carrying out of Council functions. The land may be open or closed to the general public.

Council is proposing the classification of the land as 'operational'. It would enable the land to be used for the purposes outlined within the VPA which says that Council will be the owner of the commercial office suites, and they will be leased out at the market rate.

What will the money be used for?

The income generated from these suites will then be sent to Council's Affordable Housing Fund in perpetuity.

What feedback are we looking for?

At its meeting on 3 May, Council resolved to place the proposed classification of land as 'operational' on exhibition for 28 days, in accordance with the Local Government Act.

Council is seeking public feedback on the land's proposed classification of 'operational'.

Following the exhibition, the matter will be reported to Council for a final determination.

You can have your say through on of the following ways:

*The 'land' is identified in blue on page 27 of the VPA.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.