Council is currently inviting feedback on a Planning Proposal to amend the Waverley Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP). I wish to advise that the Planning Proposal (PP) will be on public exhibition from Wednesday 19 February to Friday 20 March 2020.

A housekeeping review of the WLEP2012 ensures that the plan remains responsive to emerging planning matters, inconsistencies and errors. The amendments in the Planning Proposal have been identified and addressed as a result of previous Council legal advice and internal feedback from Council’s Development Assessment and Urban Planning, Policy and Strategy departments in 2018.

The amendments listed below are in the Planning Proposal:

Minor anomalies/errors

Identification of Boot Factory Lot and DP number in clause 6.7 of the LEP

Apply consistent minimum lot size over the entirety of 581A Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay and Lot 1 DP 3375 The Plaza, Rose Bay.

Correct out-of-date references to the EP&A Act 1979 in the LEP.

Zone and clause objectives

Add an objective promoting active transport for all new developments to R2 Low Density Residential, R3 Medium Density Residential, R4 High Density Residential, B1 Neighbourhood Centre, B3 Commercial Core and B4 Mixed Use zonings.

Amend Clause 4.4(1) to clarify the intent of the term desired future character

Exempt development

Add murals on privately owned land to Schedule 2 Exempt Development, subject to certain criteria being satisfied.

Add low-medium impact events on public land as exempt development, subject to certain criteria being satisfied.

Rezone Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub land to E2 Environmental Conservation

Rezone land containing Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub at Queens Park to E2 Environmental Conservation to give extra protection to the endangered flora.

Rezone a road reserve at Loombah road to E2 Environmental Conservation to protect the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub and Endangered Ecological Communities.

Add Terrestrial Biodiversity layer to remnant vegetation of Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub identified in Moriah College

Add area identified as remnant vegetation of Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub within Moriah College to the Terrestrial Biodiversity Map

Remove minimum lot size

Remove the minimum lot size from 66–68 Dover Road, Rose Bay to reflect the SP2 Infrastructure zoning and ensure consistency with adjoin SP2 zoned lots

Heritage item changes

Item Number
66–68 Oakley Rd, North Bondi and 60 Blair St, North Bondi
1930s style, brick religious building, St Anne’s Convent of Mercy
Remove map identifiers from 66-68 Oakley Rd and remove reference to lots 58 & 59 from Schedule 5
The map identifiers are located on the incorrect properties and two lots are listed incorrectly in Schedule 5.
18 and 20 Yanko Ave, Bronte
Federation Style Terrace House
Switch map identifiers from 18 Yanko Ave to 20 Yanko Ave
Council’s heritage officer has indicated that the heritage mapping identifier is on the incorrect lot and needs to be placed on 20 Yanko Ave.
75 Gardyne St, Bronte
Federation Style Bungalow
Add map identifier to Lot 23 Sec 2 DP 2806
The heritage item is located on Lot 23 Sec 2 DP 2806 and needs to be mapped to reflect this
South Head Cemetery
New State Heritage listing
Add map identifiers to South Head Cemetery and add to Schedule 5
The South Head Cemetery has recently been added to the State Heritage Register and as such needs to be added to Schedule 5
33–35 Simpson St, Bondi Beach
Federation Bungalows
Remove map identifiers and remove from Schedule 5
The heritage item is no longer on this lot and therefore there is no reason for the lot to be in Schedule 5 or be mapped.

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