Update: Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback on this Review. At the 1 September meeting, Council decided to adopt this document with amendments. The adopted Review is available to view here. You can read the Council report here (starts from pg. 84) and the minutes to the meeting are available to read here (pg. 4).



A number of strategies have been completed for Bondi Junction in the past decade or so, outlining a series of recommendations and principles for future development in Bondi Junction that informed the current policy settings. Since around 2012 there has been significant redevelopment in Bondi Junction and there is continual pressure on redevelopment on this centre.

Given this context of change, the purpose of the Bondi Junction Urban Design Review Update 2020 (the Review) is to evaluate the current principles and policy framework applying to development in Bondi Junction to ensure that they are valid and up to date.

The Review examines three studies – the original Bondi Junction Urban Design Review (BJUDR), the West Oxford Street Design Charette and the Bondi Junction Town Square Review – looking at their recommendations and principles and asking the following key questions:

  • How have these been implemented?
  • If they weren’t implemented, are they still valid?
  • What has happened since their implementation?
  • What have the community said in response to new development?
  • Do the original recommendations still stand in the context of change?

Recommendations from these studies have been considered as: public domain amenity, development potential and policy and design recommendations.

What has been updated in the 2020 Review?

Most of the recommendations from these studies have been actioned and no further work is required for these.

Where recommendations have not been fulfilled, the Review makes recommendations for further work or in some instances no further work. One of the most significant recommendations from the original BJUDR was for a transition in building height towards the edges of Bondi Junction.

This principle is enshrined in one of the aims of the WLEP 2012. This Review recommends that this principle and associated planning controls be upheld.

Purpose of this Consultation

This public exhibition period is to keep you updated on the progress of this update, and give you the opportunity to let us know if you've any comments on the recommendations listed.

A summary of these recommendations is on pages 5 & 6 of the 2020 Update.

How to have your say

Please use the submission form below to provide any feedback you have. This exhibition period runs until Sunday 28 June 2020.

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