Fill out our audience survey and be in with a chance to win a bespoke Bondi Festival Home Delivery!

For the lucky winner, we’ll bring the party to your yard this summer, with a mini gala line-up of Sydney’s finest acts to perform for you and your household. Catch live tunes and big laughs from the comfort of your own home, courtesy of the Bondi Festival Home Delivery!

  • The winning patron will require a suitable indoor or outdoor space on their private property to be eligible for the prize.
  • Bondi Festival will provide all PA and technical requirements needed for the event.
  • Bondi Festival will program and deliver the event with a full COVID-safe plan in place to ensure the safety of both artists and audiences.
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How comfortable would you feel doing the following activities today if there were no restrictions or closures?  Required
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Attending a small outdoor event (under 50 people)
Attending a small indoor event (under 50 people)
Attending a medium outdoor event (under 200 people)
Attending a medium indoor event (under 200 people)
Attending a large outdoor event (over 200 people)
Attending a large indoor event (over 200 people)
Seeing an outdoor art installation
Going to a restaurant/bar
Going to a gallery or museum
Going Ice-Skating
Going on a Ferris Wheel
Attending an outdoor street party
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How interested are you in attending the next Bondi Festival (in June/July 2021)?  Required
In relation to your previous ticket buying behaviour (shows, Ferris Wheel, Ice Rink), in 2021 are you likely to...?  Required
In previous years, have you made use of the hard copy Bondi Feast brochure?  Required
Given the current situation, which of the following formats would you currently prefer the brochure to be provided to you?  Required
If there was a ‘pay what you can model’ applied to ticketing for productions, AT THIS MOMENT would you be more likely to purchase...?   Required
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