An artist impression of what Spring Street in Bondi Junction could look like as part of the Complete Streets Project.

We're currently inviting feedback on our Complete Streets Report, which outlines our plans to enhance Bondi Junction over the next 20 years.

What is the Complete Streets Project?

The Complete Streets Project is part of Council's plan to enhance the vibrancy of Bondi Junction and its spaces. It involves greening and beautifying the footpaths and public places, making meeting places more vibrant and appealing, and improving connections for cycling, walking and access to public transport.

This project will be delivered in line with the Complete Steets Report, which outlines Council's public domain improvements plan for the coming 20 years for Bondi Junction. This strategy aligns with the vision in the Community Strategic Plan, Waverley Together 3, and will complement Council initiatives for safer streets, better meeting places, increased economic returns for retailers and land owners, as well as healthier communities with more walkable and bikeable streets and neighbourhoods.

What does 'Complete Streets' mean?

Complete Streets is an approach to urban planning that considers the needs of all users to ensure the streets are pedestrian-friendly, provide good access to public transport, accommodate cyclists, are safe and benefit the local economy.

Why is Council focusing on Bondi Junction?

Council has conducted a number of research studies into Bondi Junction over the past ten years, which have identified that despite a large proportion of pedestrian visitation, Bondi Junction is a very transport-focused hub that people generally pass through, rather than a destination in its own right. Council's plans to enhance the centre focus on making Bondi Junction more pedestrian-friendly, vibrant and inviting, and to improve connections for cycling, walking and access to public transport. We want Bondi Junction to be the best sub-regional centre in NSW.

This strategy also aligns with Council and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure's (DoPI) housing and employment targets for the centre, and will help make Bondi Junction a more inviting place to live and work.

Pop ups

At the same time, Council is also trialling two pop ups in Bondi Junction - Jigsaw and Urban Lounge - as part of the Complete Streets Project to enhance Bondi Junction, and to show the community how it can be realised.


The Jigsaw pop up on the corner of Gray Street and Bronte Road

Jigsaw, on the corner on Gray Street and Bronte Road, is a fun and interactive public art, games and lighting installation designed by Archrival. With way finding artwork to highlight the pedestrian link to Hollywood Ave, passers-by can also play a game of noughts and crosses or check out some inspiring artwork of members of the Bondi Junction RSL.

Urban Lounge

The Urban Lounge pop up on Spring Street

Urban Lounge, designed by Drew Heath Architects brings new public seating to Spring Street, with a fixed and movable installation. There'll be new timber seats, artistic bike racks, mobile and lap top battery recharge outlets and an LED lighting installation.

Have your say

We're keen to get your feedback on the Complete Streets report and to find out what is most important to you about enhancing Bondi Junction.

There are a number of ways you can provide feedback:

  • complete the online survey
  • complete and return the hard copy survey at the Customer Service Centre, 55 Spring St, Bondi Junction
  • make a detailed submission using the online form
  • email your submission to
  • participate in the online forum
  • post your submission to Strategic Town Planning, Waverley Council, PO Box 9, Bondi Junction NSW 1355

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 22 November 2013.

What dreams do you have for Bondi Junction 20 years from now?

<p>We're keen to find out what is most important to you about enhancing Bondi Junction, and what dreams you have for the centre.</p>

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Enhancing Bondi Junction

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.