The goal of the Coastal Reserves Plan of Management (PoM) is to look after, maintain and improve our unique and iconic parks and reserves. Your feedback will help us develop the PoM to manage their sustainable use.Waverley Council is land manager for all 13 coastal reserves. As part of our legislative requirement, we must have a long-term plan for each. The 13 reserves and parks covered in this PoM are:

  1. Clarke Reserve (Crown land)
  2. Jensen Ave. Reserve (Community land)
  3. Tower St Reserve (Community land)
  4. Diamond Bay Reserve (Community land)
  5. Eastern Reserve (Crown land)
  6. Weonga Reserve (Crown land)
  7. Rodney Reserve (Crown land)
  8. Raleigh Reserve (Crown land)
  9. Ben Buckler Park & Ray O’Keefe Reserve (Crown Land)
  10. Calga Reserve (Community land)
  11. Hunter Park (Crown land)
  12. Marks Park (Crown land)
  13. Gaerloch Reserve (Crown land)

This is the first of three rounds of community consultation. In this round, we need your help to better understand how and when you visit the reserves, which ones are most popular, and what you want to see happen with them in the future.

This is not about planning for capital works or buildings but maintaining a sustainable and community-led approach to the management of the parks and reserves.

Coastal reserves ideas

Let us know your ideas for any of the 13 reserves and parks (make sure you label which park or reserve you are talking about).

21 November, 2022

SLeslight says:

Lots of people including many tourists enter Marks Park & Hunter Park from Sandridge st & Fletcher st, both streets are v poorly maintained

20 November, 2022

natashay says:

I know stopping the sewerage dumping into the ocean is in progress - continue supporting this for our parks, oceans and coats. Thank you

20 November, 2022

natashah says:

Keep and increase trees (natives) and shade along the walk / coastal space. Thank you for caring for this incredible, gorgeous space

20 November, 2022

FrankMarx says:

Coastal Walk Bondi to Brontë NEED better foot traffic management. There should be a colored line for Westbound and opposing color Eastbound

18 November, 2022

DMC says:

Dedicated climber access points in the following places would be amazing: Diamond Bay, Raleigh Reserve, Eastern reserve and Ben Buckle

18 November, 2022

Dan says:

Diamond Bay, Raleigh Reserve, Eastern reserve and Ben Buckler - Would be amazing if dedicated climber access points were installed

18 November, 2022

Eliezer says:

Diamond Bay, Raleigh Reserve, Eastern reserve and Ben Buckler - Would be amazing if dedicated climber access points were installed

18 November, 2022

Hayden says:

Improving access to climbing and highlining locations, particularly in Diamond Bay Reserve

18 November, 2022

Paula GB says:

More seating in shade in Marks Park

18 November, 2022

Runway says:

Another seat at Hunter Park is needed as well as some lighting

18 November, 2022

Jac says:

Installation of dedicated rock climber access points at Diamond Bay, Raleigh Reserve, Eastern reserve and Ben Buckley

18 November, 2022

JW says:

For Diamond Bay, Eastern Reserve, Raleigh reserve and Ben Buckley reserve please maintain access for climbers and fishos


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Consultation 1: gathering information

    21 October - 20 November 2022

  • Timeline item 2 - incomplete

    Consultation 2: Ideas consultation

    Early 2023

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Consultation 3: Public exhibition of Draft PoM

    Winter 2023

13 Coastal Reserves

Map of Waverley highlighting each of the reserves and parks in the POM

Please choose which park or reserve you would like to provide feedback on

1. Clarke Reserve

2. Jensen Reserve

3. Tower Street Reserve

4. Diamond Bay Reserve

5. Eastern Reserve

6. Weonga Reserve

7. Rodney Reserve

8. Raleigh Reserve

9. Ben Buckler Park & Ray O'Keefe Reserve

10. Hunter Park

11. Marks Park

12. Gaerloch Reserve

13. Calga Reserve