Council is seeking feedback on the draft Managing Conflicts of Interest for Council-related Development Policy ("Policy").

The purpose of this draft Policy is to manage potential conflicts of interest and increase transparency at all stages of the development process for council-related development.

‘Council-related development’ means development for which Council:

  • Is the applicant developer (whether lodged by or on behalf of Council), or
  • Is the landowner, or
  • Has a commercial interest in the land that is the subject of the application, where it will also be the regulator or consent authority


This Policy has been prepared in response to recent changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021 that will require all NSW councils to prepare and adopt a policy that outlines how potential conflicts of interest will be managed for proposed council-related development.

For a considerable amount of time, Council staff have implemented internal protocols to avoid any conflict of interest for Council-related development, however this Policy will formalise this approach and meet the new legislative requirements.

How to have your say

You're invited to review the draft Policy and provide comments by completing the form below.

Feedback closes at 11:59pm, Sunday 30 April 2023.