We want to hear your thoughts on how Waverley Council can improve its accessibility and inclusiveness.

Waverley Council is committed to improving access and inclusiveness for all people to our buildings, public places and services. We are committed to supporting a consistent approach to accessibility and inclusiveness across Waverley's LGA.

Your feedback will help us meet the identified needs of all people in our community, strengthen community attitudes and behaviours, and improve the liveability of our community and council’s systems, processes and buildings. It will build on the strengths of the councils’ existing work commitments, and set out the actions and priorities for maintaining and improving access and inclusion for all people and establish strategies for continuous improvement in relation to access and inclusion.

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  • Access - Our services are easy to use and out Customer Service Centre is easy to get to.
  • Inclusion – Waverley Council is welcoming to all members of the community.
Did you know that Council offers the following services? Required
A Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) for non-English speakers?
A National Relay Service for the hearing and speech impaired?
A Carers Parking Permit to support members of our community who rely on a carer for support in their day-to-day life?
How often do you visit Waverley's Customer Service Centre? Required
How often do you visit other Council locations? (This includes Waverley Library, Council Chambers, Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre, Bondi Pavilion or Waverley Cemetery) Required
What services and information do you access at Waverley Council locations? Required
Do you think that our information and services are accessible for the whole community? Required
Overall, how would you rate Waverley Council locations as being accessible and inclusive for all members of the community? Required
Age Required
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