Waverley Council has designated several areas for on leash and off leash dog walking. Some of these areas are undergoing trials, and we'd love your feedback.

Waverley Park

A trial of a new dog off leash area in Waverley Park at Bondi Junction has been extended. The map below outlines the trial areas for dog off leash, dog on leash and dog prohibited areas.

There is clear signage in the park to outline the on and off leash areas, and dog litter bag dispensers are available in the park. Council's Rangers will work with the community to educate dog owners about where they can safely walk their animals in the park, and to promote the principles of responsible dog ownership.

Submissions on the trial period have now closed. A report will be considered by Council in 2015 on the outcomes of the trial off leash area.

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Did you know that the following areas are prohibited areas for dogs (on or off leash) at Waverley Park: - Memorial Gardens - sports fields and courts - within 10m of the children's playground - within 10m of BBQs and food preparation area of Kiosk (unless Required
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