Social impact is a key consideration of the assessment of any Development Application (DA) in terms of the impact of the proposal on the social amenity of neighbouring properties and the locality.

Our Development Control Plan (DCP) doesn't have explicit references to how social impact considerations should be assessed and managed, and ideally, a social impact assessment would provide guidance to applicants on how to meet the social impact requirements set out in section 4.15 of the Environmental Planning and Assesment Act 1979 (EPA Act), and the community on how these issues would be managed.

Scope of the Social Impact Assessment Guidelines

Read the draft Social Impact Assessment Guidelines.

The possible scope of the guidelines is its ability to provide clear guidance around the requirements of Plans of Management for the applications, and inform measures that minimise and mitigate any adverse impacts.

While the SIA guidelines highlight the importance of considering social impacts, their ability to impose a change in the development assessment process is limited due to the EPA Act requirements Council is governed by, and the case-by-case nature of every DA. The purpose of the guidelines would be to manage social impacts and ensure the submitted management plans are robust and adhered to.

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Accessibility: how people access and use infrastructure, services and facilities
Accomodation: affordable housing, displacement, housing choice, universal housing (for life)
Community: composition, cohesion, stability, character, how the community functions and their sense of place
Culture: shared belief, customs, values and stories, language and dialect, connections to Country, land, waterways, places and buildings, respect for culture and significant places. Acknowledge Aboriginal land, heritage and culture..
Health and Wellbeing: physical, social, spiritual and mental health especially for people vulnerable to social exclusion
Livelihood: community capacity to sustain themselves through business/employment; distributive equity of impacts and benefits
Safety and security: graffiti, property damage, offensive language and behavriou, safety of women, young people and homeless
Surroundings: shade, pollution control, access to and use of built and natural environment, asthetic value and amenity
Way of life: how people live, get around, work, play and interact

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