The Code of Meeting Practise was adopted in June 2022.

In accordance with section 360(3) of the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act) a council must, not later than 12 months after an ordinary election of councillors, adopt a code of meeting practice that is based on the Office of Local Government’s Model Code of Meeting Practice for Councils in NSW (the Model Code).

Before adopting the new code, Council must exhibit a draft code of meeting practice for 28 days and allow 42 days for public submissions.

A new Model Code was prescribed by the NSW Government in November 2021. Council must incorporate the new mandatory provisions in the Model Code into its Code of Meeting Practice and consider whether to incorporate the new non-mandatory provisions.

At its meeting on 3 May 2022 Council’s Finance, Operations and Community Services Committee resolved to exhibit a draft Code of Meeting Practice containing the mandatory provisions and some of the non-mandatory provisions. The new mandatory provisions are highlighted in yellow. The new non-mandatory provisions are shown in red font. Non-mandatory provisions are optional and can be included in their entirety, amended or omitted.

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The Draft Code of Meeting Practice was adopted in June 2022.

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