The inaugural Festival of Bondi Filmmakers is proposed to run over four days, Thursday, 5 October, to Sunday, 8 October 2023, using the Bondi Pavilion Theatre, Seagull Room and Bar Foyer.

Organised by Smart St. Films Pty Ltd, the festival will showcase the diverse array of talent of Bondi residents through an engaging collection of feature films, documentaries, children’s films, shorts, and music videos. Offered in conjunction with the screenings will be a series of public panel discussions hosted by leading filmmakers and actors to unpack the history of film in Bondi and provide insights for young people on how to enter the film industry either in front of or behind the camera.

As Smart St. Films is a registered private company, Council is required to publicly exhibit its proposal to grant financial assistance for 28 days under section 356(2) of the Local Government Act 1993.

It is proposed that Council engages in the following financial arrangement with Smart St. Films to deliver its inaugural Festival of Bondi Filmmakers in 2023:

  • Total value of Council financial assistance to Smart St. Films for 2023 festival: $16,753 (including GST).
  • All other costs related to the festival delivery, content rights, artists fees, promotion, insurance, public liability, additional staff, additional equipment, hospitality and a security damages bond are the responsibility of Smart St. Films.

The support includes venue hire, staffing, cleaning and parking costs associated with the delivery of the event at Bondi Pavilion.

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