Street planting day in Waverley.

We seek your feedback on the draft public gardening policy and guidelines.

Council supports and encourages a range of gardening activities in Waverley. A new Public Place Gardening Policy has been drafted to provide a framework for the range of these activities, which include Bushcare, Adopt-a-Tree, Community and Shared Gardens, and will help to ensure a consistent approach throughout the community.

At the same time, Council's Footpath Gardening Guidelines have been reviewed and a new Street Gardening Guidelines document has been prepared to provide the details about applying for, installing and maintaining a street garden.

Council is inviting you to provide your feedback on both the draft policy and guidelines.

Have your say

Council is currently inviting submissions on both the Public Place Gardening Policy and the Street Gardening Guidelines. You can have your say by:

  • completing the relevant online submission form below
  • emailing
  • posting your submission to Deborah Law, Biodiversity Officer, Waverley Council, PO Box 9, Bondi Junction NSW 1355

Submissions close at 5pm on Wednesday 18 September 2013.

If you would like to request a hard copy of either of the documents, please email us.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.