Play Spaces

Waverley has many exciting play spaces for children and young people to experience and enjoy the benefits of play.

Click here for a map of play spaces in Waverley.

To assist us to better understand your needs and improve the provision for play in Waverley, we ask that you take a few minutes to fill out the online survey by visiting:

With Sydney's increase in population density and increasing numbers of young children living in Waverley, it is important that we plan for, understand and meet the needs and demands of the community both now and into the future. Therefore, Waverley Council is currently preparing a Play Strategy that will provide a strategic framework to guide the planning and prioritising of play spaces including new and improved facilities and maintenance works over a ten year period.

Consultation on the Play Strategy will begin in February and continue until March 2013.

Draw your favourite play space and your picture could be on the front cover of the next Waverley in Focus Magazine!

What is your Perfect Play Space?

Waverley Council is looking forward to gaining a better understanding on what is important to children and young people in play spaces. To assist us in creating exciting play spaces we are announcing a Playground Drawing Competition to help capture children and young people's aspirations of their perfect play space.

The perfect play space should be a made up place and include play activities or elements that are enjoyed most of all. The ideas and themes expressed in the drawings will help us to understand the vision.

The winners will be announced in April with the winning drawings being exhibited on the front cover of the Autumn edition of Waverley in Focus.

Waverley in Focus is Council’s quarterly community magazine, keeping residents up-to-date with the latest plans, on-going projects and issues affecting Waverley.

Submission format:

1 single A4 page (preferably in portrait format)

Submissions can be made via:

Post to Scott Spiers, Senior Landscape Architect, Level 1, 31-33 Spring Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Please include the name, age, school and contact phone number on the back of your submission. Ensure your submission is laid flat, not folded and sent in an A4 envelope.


Email, to, and include the name, age, school and contact phone number in your email. Please ensure that this is in .jpeg or .pdf format and the file size does not exceed 3mb.
• Entries close Friday, 29th March 2013.
• Please note that all entries will be retained by Waverley Council and will not be returned to the entrant.
• Submitted entries should be original artworks, drawings or photographs and should not infringe the copyright, trademarks or privacy of others.
• The winning entry will be used as the Artwork for the front cover of the Autumn edition of the Waverley in Focus Magazine.
• All entries may be used by Waverley Council for any future promotional activities.
• Open to all children under 18 years of age.

The successful winner will be notified by either phone or email in April.

Where is my place space?

Waverley Council has 42 play spces in the Waverley Local Government Area (LGA).

Click here to see a map of play space locations in the Waverley area.

Play Space Upgrades

Waverley Council routinely upgrade our play spaces. Over the previous 5 years, we have made 18 improvements to playgrounds around the area. To view the upgrades visit:

Why are play spaces so important?

Waverley Council understands the value of play to the health, wellbeing and development of children and young people and that play is an essential ingredient in any child's growth, contributing to social, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional and psychological development. Play improves children’s ability to problem solve, think creatively, improve their motor skills, discover the world, learn about others and themselves, but most of all have fun!

Our play spaces are particularly important in Waverley because many of us live in flats, units, apartments, terraces or houses with small backyards. In fact, Waverley has the largest proportion of high density dwellings in Australia.