Henrietta Street is comprised of a pair of converging one-way sections between Birrell Street and Bronte which meet at Victoria Street.

In late 2019, Council implemented a renewal of Henrietta Street, including road resurfacing, repainting of the bike route, and providing clearer street signage. A key aspect of this renewal project was the trialling of bike lane dividers at Henrietta Street north (of Victoria Rd). The objective was to improve safety for bike riders and pedestrians, and to clarify the use of the bike lanes on Henrietta Street.

Please see the full project background and consultation summary in the news feed below.

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The trial has now been in place for one year and we want to hear your thoughts on how it is going. This consultation will run until 11.59pm, 28 March 2021.

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Your feedback will then be reviewed along with a traffic study of the area, which will be used to determine the next steps for traffic and safety management on Henrietta Street. The trial will remain in place while this happens.


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