At the 25 June 2021 Council meeting, Councillors appointed representatives to the Housing Advisory Committee. Read the report (from pg. 180)(External link) and read the minutes (pg. 12).

As part of Council's focus on social and affordable housing, we are currently seeking expressions of interest from the community for our Housing Advisory Committee. The primary objective of this Committee is to provide advice on social and affordable housing as part of Council's strategic and operational goals. Membership will be until September 2022.

Related Council projects

  • Recently adopted Local Housing Strategy
  • Council's property assets involved in social and affordable housing are being examined as part of our Property Strategy
  • Service level review, assessing the effectiveness of the delivery of social and affordable housing in meeting Council's and the community's desired outcomes.

Selection criteria

  • Demonstrated interest and connection with Waverley
  • Expertise across at least one of the following areas as it relates to affordable and social housing:
    • Development and planning
    • Asset management
    • Evaluation and delivery models


Committee membership will comprise:

  • The Mayor (or Mayor’s nominee) and three Councillors
  • Up to four community representatives with skillsets relating to social and affordable housing


The role of the Housing Advisory Committee is to assess, consider and provide perspectives and comment/advice/recommendations to Council staff and Council on a range of matters relating to Social and Affordable Housing, including:

  • Planning matters as they relate to social and affordable housing
  • The strategic and operational effectiveness of its affordable social housing programs
  • The implementation of social and affordable housing goals and objectives including the purchase, sale, replacement and development of affordable and social housing properties
  • Asset management strategies and approaches related to social and affordable housing
  • Delivery options for social and affordable housing.

The General Manager may also place before the Committee such other matters as they think fit where the Committee’s input may add value.

The Housing Advisory Committee is an advisory body only. The committee will provide input to Council officers and make recommendations to Council on its Standing Committees within the Terms of Reference.

Requirements of Committee Members

Members of the Committee are expected to:

  • Understand the relevant legislation and regulatory requirements appropriate to the Council.
  • Contribute the time needed to study and understand the papers provided.
  • Apply good analytical skills, objectivity and good judgment.
  • Express opinions frankly, ask questions that go to the fundamental core of issues, and pursue independent lines of enquiry.
  • Attend committee meetings — a Committee meeting will be held at least once annually to consider the Annual Program Report. Additional meetings will be called on an 'as needs' basis. Meetings may be held in person, by telephone or by video conference.

How Committee Members will be chosen

The Committee's selection panel will comprise:

  • Mayor (or the Mayor's delegate)
  • Three appointed Councillor members

They will be assisted by the Directors and staff assigned by the General Manager.

A recommendation about the membership of the Housing Advisory Committee will be prepared for the consideration and endorsement of Council. Officers may seek further information from nominees or their referees as part of the selection process.

Need more information?

Please click here to read the full Terms of Reference for the Housing Advisory Committee.

You can also contact Laurence Mosley, Council's Strategic and Commercial Analysis Advisor on 9083 8002 or laurence.mosley@waverley.nsw.gov.au.

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