December 2016 Update

A Junior Skate Park at Bondi Park has been proposed as part of the Bondi Park, Beach and Pavilion Plan of Management (Bondi POM) 2014 - 2024,

In April 2016, Council engaged with the community to gather information and further develop ideas to start the design of the Junior Skate Park Extension. To date, it has been a wonderful engagement process. The community have shown great interest in this project with over 420 people providing feedback via our online survey and many people contributing to stakeholder consultations, workshops and Have Your Say Days.

Pre-Design Consultation Report

Through this process, a pre-design consultation report was developed (see document library). This report outlines the community consultation process and criteria considered to create a successful junior skate park. It summarises the results and comments of each session, makes recommendations on the typology of the facility and creates a design vision for Bondi's Junior Skate Park.

What did the community's feedback tell us?

The community's valuable feedback and professional analysis made it very clear that the current skate park at Bondi Beach is in need of significant improvements. The current design has limited functionality and usability, limited capacity to safely hold more than two to three skaters at a time, safety issues and it's lifespan is limited to 5 years if considerable work doesn't occur. As such, we believe the direction of this project and it's priorities have changed.

What happens next?

Council's first priority is to repair and maintain the current skate park, to ensure repair works and risk and safety needs are attended to. We will then develop a business case to take this project in a new direction and look at redesigning the entire skate park. This business case will ensure that we plan for a well-considered skate park that improves the facility, works well with the site and caters to a number of users and skill levels, whilst also pleasing the community's needs and wants. Once complete, we will present this business case to Council in order to attain their support to review the whole skate park design.

More information

If you would like more information on this project, please email or call Carl Nugent, Senior Landscape Architect on 9083 8670.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.