Residents have contacted Council with concerns about the lack of available parking for residents on New Street, Bondi. As such, Council is considering an expansion of the Resident Parking Scheme (RPS) in Bondi.

The proposal is to expand the residential parking area to include the eastern side of New Street. This scheme would limit visitor parking in these streets to two hours from 8am to 10pm. Permit holders excepted Area 26.

Residents living in a RPS area will be able to apply for up to three Residential Parking Permits (conditions apply). This permit will improve residents chance of finding a parking spot in their street and allow them to stay in that spot for as long they need to.

We would like to hear your thoughts about this proposal. Have Your Say and complete this survey by 2 September 2016.

What happens next?

After receiving comments from affected residents, Council staff will review the results and prepare a report to the Waverley Traffic Committee, which is made up of representatives from Council, NSW Parliament, Roads and Maritime Services and NSW Police.

The recommendation of the Traffic Committee will be presented to Council (along with the survey results) for a final decision. It is anticipated that a decision will be made in October 2016. In the event there is support for changes to parking restrictions and it is approved by Council, residents will be advised before the introduction of changes.
Map of Resident Parking Scheme Expansion in New Street, Bondi
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