Following community consultation, and in accordance with section 356 of the LocalGovernment Act 1993, Council agreed to support the Ocean Lovers Festival with a$16,435 grant for the use of Council facilities during the Ocean LoversFestival 2019.


Council resolved at its meeting on 11 December 2018 to publicly exhibit its proposal to issue a grant of $16,435 in financial assistance to Avviso Public Relations for the purpose of covering costs related to facilities hire for the delivery of the Ocean Lovers Festival in April 2019. Public exhibition is required under Section 356 of the Local Government Act.

The purpose of the Ocean Lovers Festival is to build awareness of the global plight of oceans in a fun and accessible way through a festival featuring sporting and cultural events. Marine conservation and sustainability will be the driving themes of the festival. The festival will highlight global alliances as well as local best practice in the area of marine conservation. The event will feature practical demonstrations of solutions to waste recycling and reduction of plastics in everyday living, including reuse of cleared ocean plastics.

Avviso have secured commitments from a number of celebrities, local and international conservation advocates and prominent public figures endorsing the event. In addition, a number of partnerships and sponsorships have been achieved in order to support the delivery of the festival.

The draft event program represents a strong alignment to the Waverley Community Strategic Plan, with activities closely connected to, and informed by, more than half of the articulated themes of the Plan. Council officers have continued to hold meetings with the Avviso team over the past several months to assist in the event planning process.

Ocean Lovers Festival organisers are seeking support from Council in the form of a grant for venue hire fees to the value of $16,435 based on the current event scope.

Submissions should be lodged via the form below or mailed to: The General Manager, Waverley Council, PO Box 9, Bondi Junction NSW 1355. All submission received may be made available for public viewing upon request, subject to the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

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