We want to know your thoughts on our new Pick Up/Drop Off (PUDO) bays!

We're running a 12-month trial (ending July 2021) of 10 PUDO bays across Waverley, aimed at increasing pedestrian and motorist safety and access to transport links and shared transportation. PUDO provides safe access for rideshare vehicles, taxis and the general public to pick-up and drop-off passengers safely in high traffic areas such as the Bondi Junction Interchange and Bondi Beach, with two endorsed mobile apps connecting them to the bay locations.

This is a joint project between Waverley Council, Transport for NSW, ride share operators and other key stakeholders.

Click here to view the location of the bays and more information.

The following survey has been prepared by the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) at the University of Sydney on behalf of Waverley Council. The purpose of this survey is to gain insights into how Pick-Up/Drop-Off (PUDO) Bays are understood, used and perceived. Thank you in advance for your participation and valuable responses.

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Are you aware that PUDO Bays have been installed around Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach? Required
How long do you think a vehicle should be allowed to stay in a PUDO Bay? Required
Would you like to see more PUDO bays implemented in other areas of Waverley? Required
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