Council is currently reviewing off-leash areas for dog walking across Waverley. Dogs are currently allowed off-leash in Raleigh Reserve 24 hours, and are only allowed on-leash around the sports field at Rodney Reserve.

At the Council meeting held in May 2013 Council resolved to do further consultation with the community for on and off-leash areas around Rodney Reserve (sports field) and Raleigh Reserve.

Council invite you to have your say on these proposals.


Existing option: Proposal to continue with the existing arrangements across Raleigh Reserve and Rodney Reserve (Raleigh Reserve off-leash 24 hours, Rodney Reserve on-leash) Required
Option 1: Proposal to allow dogs off-leash within Rodney Reserve with time limitation 5.00pm to 8.30am daily, Raleigh Reserve to become on-leash 24 hours. Required
OPTION 2: Proposal for Rodney Reserve to remain on-leash and to reduce the current off-leash at Raleigh Reserve to a smaller area. Required

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.