On 18 March 2014, Council adopted the Public Art Policy, requiring the development of a draft Public Art Master Plan. The purpose of this plan is to guide the location and commissioning of new public artwork in the Waverley area. It is intended to:

  • identify specific sites for possible future public art
  • set priorities for public art commissioning budget ($100,000 every two years)
  • suggest potential projects for developer funded public art
  • set the preliminary context and framework for the artist's brief at each site.
The sites featured in the Public Art Master Plan were proposed by the Public Art Advisory Committee, Council Officers and Councillors. These sites have been identified as suitable for public art based on the social, historical and physical characteristics of each location. The consultation period for the draft plan has now been extended - Waverley Council invites feedback from the community on this draft plan until 25 February 2015.

Please note: the attached draft plan is text only. Images will be added in the final report to Council after 25 February 2015.

Please direct all feedback to visualarts@waverley.nsw.gov.au