Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on our draft Smart Waverley Strategy. The final version was adopted by the Strategic and Development Committee on the 3 September 2019. Please click here to view.


Council has drafted its first Smart Cities Strategy, Smart Waverley Strategy 2023, and we want you hear what you think about it!

This Strategy is designed to make life in Waverley easier and more connected through the integration of smart technology.

What is a Smart City?

Creating a Smart City is simply about using smart technology and innovative concepts to create new approaches to address community challenges.

The Strategy

The Strategy establishes priorities for a smarter and more connected community. It captures initiatives we have already begun implementing, have committed to implementing in the near future, as well as new initiatives that we would like your feedback on.

For Waverley, transitioning towards a smarter community using Smart City principles will help Council to plan for and deliver better services in a digital age.

Have your say

Please share your thoughts on the draft Smart Waverley Strategy 2023 by completing the survey below.

Submissions close Saturday 8 June 2019.

Next steps

Your feedback will be considered when finalising the Smart Waverley Strategy 2023. Subject to changes, the final Strategy is expected to be presented to Council for adoption in August 2019.

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