From 1 February 2016, the smoke-free trial will be implemented in the following locations of Bondi Junction:

- Oxford Street Mall (including Rowe Street)

- Spring Street and the adjoining sections of Newland Street and Bronte Road.

This will be a six month trial and will run from 7am to 9pm everyday.

The decision to undertake a smoke-free trial is a result of engagement with businesses in the Bondi Junction CBD and of Council's commitment to improving public health and amenity in these busy, open spaces.

New signs have been installed and Waverley staff will be on site to raise awareness about the new smoke-free areas.

We encourage you to give us your feedback about this trial, using the form below. This feedback will be used for a report back to Council once the trial is complete.

Should the smoke-free trial area in Bondi Junction be made permanent? Required
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