Excellence in Customer Service

Two awards:

  1. internal customer service
  2. external customer service

Demonstrates commitment to providing the highest level of service to customers on a daily basis.

  • Actively identifies and understands customer needs and expectations, encouraging requests for the provision of support and assistance through being approachable and delivering effective solutions.
  • Recognised as a subject matter expert who enthusiastically shares and applies knowledge for the benefit of customers and the community.
  • Possesses and applies the skills and techniques to resolve challenging issues with demanding customers, whilst providing a calming influence in difficult circumstances.

Excellence in Innovation

Identifies and implements innovative processes/practices/solutions that are demonstrated in examples of significant improvements to the delivery of facilities, services or programs to the community.

  • Appreciates and embraces change in the workplace and provides leadership in assisting colleagues transition through periods of change.
  • Actively maintains awareness of developments of technology, techniques and knowledge in their area of work, and both applies this understanding in the workplace and shares it with colleagues.

Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

Work practices routinely involve collaboration and the sharing of skills and knowledge to achieve common objectives.

  • Recognises the importance of assessing circumstances from different diverse perspectives and demonstrates this through encouraging and facilitating inclusion in decision making.
  • Promotes and creates a harmonious and supportive working environment that demonstrates genuine care for both staff and customers.
  • Actively gathers input from all relevant stakeholders in developing plans and programs so as to ensure that a wide range of interests and views are considered.

Excellence in Safety

  • Is a recognised champion of safety in the workplace with demonstrated examples of this commitment.
  • Planning and preparing for work activities routinely includes focus on applicable safety risks.
  • Demonstrates commitment to safety by leading by example and educating and training staff on safe practices in the workplace.

Excellence in Sustainability

Is a recognised champion of any one or more of the following categories of sustainability in the workplace:

  • Human
  • Social
  • Economic/Financial
  • Environmental
  • Successfully delivers projects/initiatives/outcomes in one or more of the sustainability categories.

Excellence in Leadership (open to all staff)

Demonstrates leadership through the willing provision of guidance and assistance to colleagues.

  • Ability to empower others and is recognised as a role model for respect and integrity.
  • Personal qualities contribute significantly to a highly motivated and productive work environment.
  • Pursues and encourages continuous learning and improvement.
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