What is a Plan of Management?

To ensure future generations can enjoy Waverley’s open spaces, it is important we have a sustainable approach to the management of our parks. Plans of Management (PoM) guide how community land is used, managed and improved.

Tamarama Park and Beach Plan of Management and Masterplan

Over the last 15 years, several significant capital works have occurred within Tamarama Park and Beach. Many of the projects and actions identified in the current PoM have since been addressed or completed. Some are underway or are continuous maintenance items. Others may no longer be relevant as expectations of recreational experiences have also changed.

Community engagement initiatives and contextual analysis will guide the development for a new vision and set of actions in the updated POM. This will be critical to ensure a clear design and management direction will be in place that reflects the culture and values of Tamarama Park and Beach.



From 10 May - 7 June 2022 we collected feedback on proposed ideas for the park to help shape the Tamarama Park and Beach PoM.

Proposed ideas for the park and general maintenance

We suggested a number of ideas to be included in the PoM's action plan. These are highlighted in the map below and are based on previous community feedback, site analysis and suggested park improvements from Place Space Strategy, the Open Space and Recreation Strategy and the Inclusive Play Space Study.

For projects to occur in the park, they have to be included in the PoM.

The items highlighted in blue are proposed ideas for future works and you have the opportunity in the survey to say whether you support these or not.

The grey items are maintenance work that has to be done. Click the map to enlarge and proposed key ideas listed below.

Click image to view in full screen.

Key ideas proposed for the Tamarama Park Plan of Management

*Increased dog ownership in Waverley means more pressure on our open spaces. Council Officers have observed increased dog off-leash walking in the gully where only on-leash walking is allowed. This issue can be divisive. Being mindful of biodiversity and other park uses, among other opportunities, the survey is seeking views on designating part of the gully as an off-leash area.

How feedback was collected

We asked for community feedback on the proposed ideas for future projects to understand how people use the park and beach and give you an opportunity to support or not support the proposed ideas listed above.

Feedback was collected via the following methods:

What happens next?

The information you provide will be used to develop a new Tamarama Park and Beach Plan of Management and Masterplan. The Plan will define the major projects carried out in the Park over the next decade.

The goal is to have the Plan of Management and Masterplan finished and adopted by first quarter of 2023.