Project updates


The entire urban block bound by Bronte Road, Birrell Street, Carrington Road and Church Street has been subject to two Planning Proposals to amend the Waverley Local Environmental Plan, as well as a draft Site-Specific Development Control Plan.

The amended planning controls seek to:

  • Enable the redevelopment of the site
  • Continue to provide essential social infrastructure through the provision of health related uses and housing for seniors
  • Retain and enhance the unique heritage and environmental significance of the site
  • Open the site up to the public to encourage a greater level of public engagement

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Map showing location of War Memborial Hospital Sites

Planning Proposals

The Planning Proposal for the Waverley War Memorial Hospital Campus Site was placed on public exhibition from 20 May – 4 July 2021 and the Planning Proposal for 99-117 Birrell Street was placed on public exhibition from 10 November 2021 – 19 January 2022.

Following public exhibition, the Planning Proposals resulted in changes to the planning controls for the sites and amended the Waverley Local Environment Plan 2012 to:

  • Create incentivised Alternative Building Heights of 15m and 21m
  • Create incentivised Alternative Floor Space Ratio of 1.2:1
  • Include additional permitted uses - seniors housing, community facilities and centre-based childcare in the SP2 Zone (Campus Site Proposal only)

The incentive building heights and floor space ratio will only be available on the site on the basis that:

  • Clause 6.9 Design Excellence in the Waverley Local Environmental Plan 2012 applies
  • Any future development is provided to a high-performance building standard, to demonstrate best-practice sustainability by reducing water and energy usage on-site and minimising embodied carbon
  • 10% of any dwellings is provided as affordable housing (Birrell Street sites only)

Site-Specific Development Control Plan

A draft Site-Specific Development Control Plan (SSDCP) was developed to complement the Planning Proposals, to provide specific design guidance to any future development in relation to building design, building layouts, building setbacks, relationship with nearby heritage items, waste management, parking and traffic management, landscaping and urban ecology.

Council sought feedback on the draft SSDCP from 20 May – 4 July 2021 and 10 November 2021 – 19 January 2022, alongside the Planning Proposals. Council subsequently revised the SSDCP to respond to some of the issues raised by both the community during public exhibition and resolutions of Council in August 2021 and April 2022. The revised SSDCP was adopted at the 1 August Strategic Planning and Development Committee Meeting. The adopted SSDCP forms part of the Waverley Development Control Plan 2022 (Amendment 1) in Chapter E (E7 Edina Estate). You can view and download Chapter E on Council's website.