We want to hear from young people aged 24 years or younger so we can create a better place to live, learn, work and play together.

You're in with a chance to win one of two $100 Westfield vouchers, by filling out this quick survey about:

  • what's important to you
  • how Council can better connect with you.

If you choose to enter the gift voucher draw you will be asked for your contact information so that Council can get in touch with winners. Your contact information will be separated from your survey answers so that other people will not know what you have written when the results are made available.

The survey closes at midnight on 20 June 2021. The gift voucher draw occurs after this date and winners will be notified no later than 25 June 2021.

Which of Waverley Council's programs or facilities are you involved in/attended? Required
How could Council better listen to and communicate with you about your involvement with Council? Required
How did you find out about this survey? (select all that apply) Required
What is your connection to the Waverley Council area? Required
Would you like to:  Required
From the list below, select what is working well and not working well for you in the Waverley community: Required
Working well
Not working well
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Definitely disagree
Places to be physically active (sports, dancing, swimming etc)
Relationship with friends
Relationship with family
Someone to talk to or help when need support
Able to see a doctor or get health advice when needed
Basic needs met (secure home, enough food, affordable cost of living)
Learning new skills/getting an education
Having fun/fun places to hang out
Access to theatre, art or music events
Access to employment
Being part of a spiritual practice or organisation
Access to transport
Healthly environment/being close to nature
Other (please specify below)
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