We are committed to supporting arts and culture, and elevating and profiling our local creative community.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting time for arts and culture in Waverley. Whether you’re a Waverley creative who lives and works here, or contributes to our dynamic cultural environment but come from outside of Waverley, we want to stay connected with you.

We know surveys and forms can be a drag, but we hope you’ll indulge us here. We’re keen to know our creative community better, get a full picture of your specific areas of practice, expertise and interest, and learn how we can support you through our programs.

Help inform programming directions and initiatives by joining our local creatives register.

By joining our local creative community, you will:

  • Have input on the opportunities we provide for local creatives, including connecting with each other, artistic development and getting involved in our arts and culture programs.
  • Be the first to get direct information on future artist residencies, grants and opportunities.
  • Receive invitations to our events and access special industry offers and discounts to select performances and presentations.

We’d love to get to know you. Registration should take between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on how much detail you include.

All information shared is confidential and will be used for internal planning purposes only.

Local creatives register

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Subsidised access to space for creative development, research, rehearsal or presentation
Professional development workshops (eg. grant-writing, marketing for creatives, budget management for creatives)
Participating in artist talks and panels
Networking events with other creatives/creative sector workers
Artist-in-residence programs
A mentorship program as a mentor or mentee
Attending classes and workshops (eg. dance, pottery)
Hiring space for your creative business (eg. running classes and workshops)
Volunteering on festival and event delivery
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