Showing: 27 November – 19 December. Various locations in Waverley Park

Waverley Perspectives is a temporary photographic installation in the historic Waverley Park.

Waverley Park, established in 1880, is Waverley Council’s first and oldest public park. The installation tells the story of the park’s community significance and history.

Waverley Perspectives declares that all is history is local and asks you to come and be part of it.

In the collection of images, you will see the playground, a photo from the 1970s of the famous rocket slide, decommissioned but kept as a sculpture, Waverley Park, c. 1950s, originally farmland known as Flagstaff Farm and Waverley Oval, c. 1908 with the Federation style Pavilion and cricketers sheds.

Can you find all three images? Check them out at Waverley Park

The images were sourced from Waverley’s own Local Studies collection.

Why have your say?

Waverley Perspectives has the potential to be expanded to different themes, locations or events. We want to hear your ideas for Council’s next Waverley Perspectives project?