Walking in Waverley is not just convenient, but it is deeply imbedded in the local culture, offering a unique sense of place. Pedestrians are prioritised above other transport modes, as highlighted in the Waverley’s People, Movement and Place plan.

We are committed to guard the legacy of walking in Waverley, and better prepare the community for future challenges and opportunities. As such, we are looking to develop our first ever walking strategy to guide the improvement of walking infrastructure, and to make streets safer and more pleasant for pedestrians. We are keen to incorporate voice from the community in shaping this strategy, and Waverley’s walking future.

What we are considering:

  • With high density and limited road space from historical development, how we allocate space for walking
  • Pedestrian safety and priority
  • Priority walking routes and key areas
  • Continuous footpath, footpath quality and accessibility
  • Active travel to school
  • Walking economy

Our vision is to cultivate a pedestrian-friendly community where walking is safe, convenient, and pleasant for people of all ages and abilities. We envision walking as a means of both connecting places, and enhancing social interactions within Waverley. We strive to establish walking as a preferred mode of transport, and an inviting experience and lifestyle, contributing to a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable community.

1. Complete the Have Your Say Survey on this website. Feedback will open until 21 July 2024.

2. Come along to the Have Your Say pop-up stand in Bondi Junction, Oxford Street Mall on 10 July, 11:30AM to 1:30PM.