Waverley's People, Movement and Places: where we go and how we get there, is a study that aims to make our streets easier for people to move around and get to where they want to go. The plan prioritises people on foot, followed by people riding bicycles, using public transport, service vehicles, shared mobility and private motor vehicles.

The Strategy Report (prepared by Bitzios and UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures) provides recommendations to Council to improve the full range of transport options for the community. It proposes 12 Signature Projects as well as 126 short, medium and long term actions that Council can undertake between now and 2030, in partnership with the community and state government agencies.

These proposed actions include major improvements such as overhauling the Bondi Junction Interchange; priority bus routes along Bondi Rd, Bronte Rd and Old South Head Rd; shared e-bikes; cycling superhighways; and improvements to car parking along Bondi Beach. It also includes smaller actions, such as safe routes for walking and cycling to schools, and improved pedestrian crossings. Combined, these actions will make our streets safer and more attractive for everyone.

The Waverley Together 3 (WT3) community plan and Environmental Action Plan (EAP3) include commitments and targets to making our streetscapes more liveable, sustainable and equitable for everybody in the community. These include targets to reduce car travel (from 11km per person per day to 9.35km by 2030); increase the proportion of public transport, walking and cycling (from 25% by distance travelled to 40% by 2030); stabilise the number of cars registered in Waverley (at 22,237); and reduce the number of 4WD vehicles registered (to 4,696).

To progress these directions and targets further, Council commissioned Bitzios and UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures to prepare a Key Issues Paper and Strategy Report as part of the Waverley's People, Movement and Places study. These have been summarised into the Draft Summary Document.

Council is seeking community feedback to help set priorities for the future of transport in the LGA. To have your say by 16 June 2017, please complete the relevant survey below, depending on whether you are submitting feedback as an individual or an organisation/community group.

The Draft Waverley's People, Movement and Places: where we go and how we get there surveys have now concluded