Waverley Council is responsible for infrastructure and other assets in our local government area. These include a range of roads, cycleways, sports fields, community facilities, playgrounds, living infrastructure, coastal pools and amenities blocks. Council's aim is to ensure our assets are operated, maintained, renewed and upgraded in the most cost effective and sustainable way. We manage this through our Strategic Asset Management plan and Environmental Action Plan.

Your priorities for the future.

We know that all our assets are important – but we want to understand what your top priorities are for the future. Your feedback will help to inform the development of Council’s next Strategic Asset Management Plan and Environmental Action Plan.

How to have your say

When interacting with the tool you can pick 15 of the 31 assets listed. Think about questions such as: Why is this service important? Do I want to change what is provided now? What do we need for the future? How will the community benefit?

Rank our assets in order of your priority.

Prioritise Assets

The Waverley Council Asset Prioritisation consultation has now concluded.